Don Erhardt Photography | About
My favourite aspect about photography is it's helped me see the world. I have to slow down from looking and really pay attention to what's in front of me. It's the split second someone reveals themselves within a smile or how Mother Nature folds her shadow over the landscape. I'm continually building this mental database. Resolving imagery for my clients I take the same approach to understand their objectives and emotives. It's sometimes better to have a client explain. After a recent shoot with Mission Impossible, a website development and branding company the President sent an email to his prospective client about his experience working with me.

1. He looks at the world as though it were through his lens; surveying the overall location for the 'composition' that will focus the viewer's attention on the Subject;

2. He contemplates how he can add 'motion' into a 'still' image, and then applies the technique to the appropriate shots;

3. He watches the light, and knows where it will serve, and where it will fight him; he adapts to the light condition (assuming he is forced to shoot on a particular schedule) by either shifting the time, or creating contrast with colour - always adapting

4. He speaks with the Subjects to bring them on-side as 'directors', involved in their own 'captured' personae; he takes the time to have each one glimpse his soul, so he can elicit relaxed, natural, 'poses'

After the shoot we chatted about 'things', and he admitted that before each shoot he is nervous; knowing each shoot balances his reputation. He starts the shoot long before he arrives on location to contemplate the advance work/understanding of the aims,intended use, and the elements he is to work with; and engages in positive self-talk on the way to the shoot, so he is at the top of his Game when the client/director/subjects come to him, and say, "OK, what do you want?".